December 7, 2022

Our state of health is determi...

Our state of health is determined by the amount of waste trapped inside the body. The more our diet contributes to this waste load, the dirtier the internal terrain becomes.
As our terrain gets filled with waste our body is constantly working to eliminate this waste. Regular elimination is happening constantly through the primary elimination channels, the kidneys, lungs and bowels and is assisted by bacteria, yeasts, fungus and even parasites.
When our diet is inappropriate for our physiology and biology these channels become clogged with waste.
If we don’t correct the diet and eliminate the excessive waste load coming into the body then the body starts to create new symptoms of the cleaning process which are called “diseases” by the disease for profit industry.
These cleaning processes are all expulsion symptoms. They can include coughing, sneezing, runny nose, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, rashes, acne, fungus/yeast/bacterial “overgrowths” (not actually an overgrowth at all but simply the body creating more bacteria to clean the greater waste load) or any other productive symptom.
When we return to the natural diet for our species, fruits and greens, we begin to clear out this waste burden.
As the body begins to clean itself out we move through various expulsion symptoms until the body reaches a clean state.
Once the body reaches that clean state we can expect to no longer experience cold and flu symptoms or other expulsion symptoms because the body no longer has waste in need of expulsion.
This does not necessarily mean that if you don’t get cold or flu symptoms that your body is clean. Our bodies can be so dirty that they are no longer able to create these cleaning symptoms. So if your diet is not correct and you are not getting cleaning symptoms to remove all the waste then your body is in a state of nervous exhaustion and you simply do not have the nerve energy required to create cleaning symptoms.
When this happens the body then switches into inflammation, irritation, induration, ulceration and eventually cancer and tumors.
So we want to avoid getting into the state where the body is no longer able to clean, where the body becomes enervated and starts to move up the ladder of cellular destruction.
How long it takes to clean out the terrain depends on a number of factors. One, how long were you misfeeding the body on inappropriate foods, two, how dehydrated the body is, three, how quickly you transition, four, how much nerve energy you have available to clean once you correct the diet, five how much time you can dedicate to resting and sleep. Getting adequate sleep and moderate exercise can help to speed the cleaning process as can water fasting, juice feasting and eating more water rich fruits.