January 2, 2023

Patch of itchy, scaly skin


So I have this patch of itchy, scaly skin on my outer thigh. What could this be? It has been extremely cold here in the north. Is it dry skin? And why a patch area?
I have cheated a little bit with a cookie and some cheese over the holidays but I don’t think that is it.
Google said it could be psoriasis! . Is my body detoxing or am I dehydrated? Drinking water and coconut water. Celery juice per usual.
(Note: I am tapering from an anxiety med that causes dry mouth etc but have not upped the taper in a while yet. Have to go really slow with this medication and cannot wait to be off of it!)
Any suggestions? I am leaving Saturday to a warmer moist climate Costa Rica where ailments like this get better.


Terrain answer:

Patches of dry skin or rashes occur when the body is pushing waste out through the skin. Often small indiscretions after we have been eating more ideal for a while can trigger these types of reactions. What happens is the non-ideal food creates some constipation and then because the normal elimination channel has been slowed down the body will open the skin to expel the excess until the normal elimination channels clear back up again.
Drinking more water is always helpful because it helps to dilute the acids as well as hydrate the waste, which helps with any constipation and gets things moving again.