January 2, 2023

Peripheral neuropathy in the feet and legs


Peripheral neuropathy in the feet and legs. Feels like she is wearing tight socks all the time. My mum in her 80s has it for years. It is creeping up her legs higher now
She is on statins (I know and we have tried to get her off them) and had a covid jabs and flu jabs.no boosters. (She knows better now and regrets)..otherwise incredibly healthy for someone who loves a microwave and a tefal pan well too much despite warnings
Her diet is not amazing but quite good by badic standards ..meat veg fruit. Limited processed
Any advice to help rid or alleviate it


Terrain answer:

Increase the fruits, increase the greens, and decrease everything else. Getting an 80 year to change their diet radically is difficult, to say the least but encouraging her to eat more fruits and salads should be doable. As she eats more she will notice less pain and hopefully be motivated to go further.
Also, increase the water intake. Neuropathy is caused by acids surrounding the nerves. The solution to pollution is dilution – drinking water and eating water-rich fruits and veg helps to hydrate the body and dilute those acids, leading to less pain and less inflammation.