December 19, 2022

Pernicious anemia


Hi there the doctor with blood test and has said I have pernicious anemia which was caused by chemotherapy 3 years ago. Please could you tell me how to deal with this and what foods thank you in advance


Terrain answer:

Chemotherapy is a harsh poison which causes systemic damage which leads to a lot of cellular waste creating malfunction symptoms. This means the body has a lot of cleaning and repair to do.
If a person has Cancer they are already in stage 6 or 7 of disease. This means the body is already severely overburdened with waste. Then they are treated with chemotherapy which poisons the body on a large scale. If they survive the poisoning their body is now in a much greater state of disease and also has far less energy to deal with the conditions the body has been placed into.
The body always seeks to return to a state of health. So the body is going to redirect all available energy to cleaning and repair as much as it has available. This means when the body gets toxic we get fatigue. Fatigue is the energy of the body going internally to make repairs. When we feel fatigue we must obey the body and rest so the body can make the repairs it needs to make.
If a person has put their body into the conditions to create cancer and then taken treatments for Cancer they need to be absolutely perfect with their diet, no excess burden and they need to be obeying the bodies demands for rest. They need lots of fresh air, sunshine, and water fasting to allow the body to put the most energy into healing and repair processes. When we say rest we mean full rest, not just laying in bed but resting the digestive system by water fasting, resting the mind by turning off technology, resting the emotions by separating ourselves from stressful situations. Resting entirely so the body can repair the damage which has been done.
There are no specific foods to eat, in fact, the less we eat the more we repair. Anemia is not a lack of nutrient in the food, it is a lack of the body to be able to absorb and utilize the nutrient. More will never solve a deficiency problem because a deficiency problem is always a toxemia problem. Toxic conditions cause the body to operate inefficiently.
Return to the Natural diet, 1 large fruit meal a day, 1 large salad a day. Salad is just as important as the fruit. Rest and fast as often as you can. Allow the body to clean and repair itself without intervention, without suppression of symptoms and the body will work its way back to a condition of health in which the cells can operate normally and efficiently.