January 2, 2023

Pityriasis rosea, rashes


what i can do to heal the pityriasis rosea , and why it happens?
my gf has it and she’s talking about using contraceptives to TREAT it , but it will come back when she’s not using it


Terrain answer:

Rashes occur when the primary elimination channels get backed up and the body has to open the skin for expulsion. We correct these types of issues the same way we correct everything else, by removing the burden off the body by correcting the diet as much as possible and getting the body back to a state of hydration.
The more hydrated the body is the less the elimination channels will get backed up and the less need there will be for the body to use the skin.
Contraceptives are highly toxic to the body. They might provide some relief in the short term by shifting the symptoms elsewhere but the end result will always be far, far less pleasant. Just read the side effects of contraceptives.
Correct the diet and the issue will self-correct quickly. In most cases you don’t even have to go fully raw, just lifting some of the burdens of the body will be enough to stop a rash.
She may also want to eliminate any spices she is using. Spices are a common trigger for rashes. I used to break out in hives every time I had cinnamon and the last time I had an Indian curry I broke out in a fully body rash, after many years of not eating any spices.