December 19, 2022

Plant “viruses”


Thank you for your patience, administrators! I appreciate you, and this group. Looking for resources on what might be going on with so called “v!Ru$” in plants.


Terrain answer:

Plant “viruses” are a result of the terrain the plant is grown in. Plants have specific environments which they are designed to live in. If we take them out of that environment and put them into a different environment then the plants health will suffer. If we are not able to replicate the healthy terrain, the correct environmental conditions which feed the plant, the soil, the humidity, the sunlight, within parameters the plant requires then the plant will not thrive. Certain conditions cause specific effects and those effects are sometimes called “viruses”. If the soil is not of the right materials, of the right Ph, or providing the right minerals then the plant cells will not be able to function within normal parameters.