December 19, 2022

Please delete if not the right...


Please delete if not the right place but Iv seen some great wuestions answered on here…
Your my last hope…
2 years ago, I had to have a wisdom tooth out…as soon as the needle went in…I cried…
The pain was immense…the tooth came out, but the pain never stopped..that night a lump appeared under the skin by the sore of injection just in front of ear lobe…I had to go back numerous times for antibiotics etc…they said it was possibly a dry socket..after 6 months of been unable to open my mouth wide enough to eat..I got sent for a scan…they measured the lump at .5mm and said it was a swollen lymph node from the stress of extraction…all completely normal(apparently)
Well, it’s still there! Granted I can eat now and talk without most pain…but still causing me issues…
how can I reduce the swelling in a lymph node?
I’m convinced it’s going to turn into something bad… I’m a single mum with no family..
I tried to put a complaint into the dentist, but they retaliated by threatening to involve SS as they think Iv neglected my childs mouth(totally incorrect and unwarranted)
I have now deregistered my family and gone private…but how do I fix the lump?
Thanks in advance, sorry for babbling


Terrain answer:

So the initial lump was either an abscess or the lymph node swelling in order to clean up the poisons used by the dentist around the tooth. Each time they applied antibiotics they simply stopped the bodies healing process by applying a poison to the body. So the body was never able to remove the waste in that area. Now the body continues to try to address the waste but the overall burden on the body is too great for it to do so quickly. Fasting would be the fastest way to heal the area. Returning to the biologically appropriate diet will also allow the body to heal the area, although it will take a bit longer. You can learn how to heal with any of the books listed here which are all available in the files section of the group