December 7, 2022

Please Note: We cannot give ad...


Please Note: We cannot give advice for specific medical conditions. This is primarily because the disease label of allopathy is meaningless. There is only ONE disease. The conditions are created the same way and they are reversed the same way. It doesn’t matter what label your doctor has given you, what symptoms you are exhibiting. There is only ONE disease. Toxemia. An over acid condition of the body. All symptoms are either Constructive, as in they are the body working to remove the acids from the body by way of the detox channels. OR they are chronic, when the body has reached a state of enervation and the acids are burning and damaging the cells creating cellular disfunction.
It doesn’t matter what the symptoms are, they all tell you the same thing. The body is in an overacid state and needs to be cleaned out. You clean the body by returning to the natural diet. You can find the books on the natural diet under the announcements tab in the post that discusses the Terrain Diet. You can also use the link under the Popular topics for Terrain Diet.


Terrain answer:

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