December 12, 2022



The purpose of this group is to teach the Terrain Model/Natural Hygiene/Life Science and how these have proven that germs are NOT the cause of disease. As such we need everyone to help further that purpose by not intentionally or unintentionally spreading misinformation simply because they haven’t yet learned the principles of the Terrain Model.
I know that many of you have come from various alternative healing modalities and others are still firmly rooted in the allopathic model. You have your favorite go to remedies and you want to tell people about them.
Please understand that Terrain Model is NOT Homeopathic Medicine, Natural Medicine, Chinese Medicine, or Allopathic Medicine. They are not based on the same foundation. The principles are NOT the same. So if you have not taken the time yet to study the principles of the Terrain Model/Natural Hygiene/Life Science, please sit back and take the opportunity to learn, rather then comment.
In this group we NEVER recommended supplements, vitamins, herbs, homeopathic remedies, Salts or other Rocks, “natural” antibiotics or any form of drugging the body. I know this is shocking for most people who have been brought up in the various medicine models. It was shocking to me when I first learned as well. But these all go against the most basic principles of the Terrain Model. In addition, the Terrain Model is based upon the removal of CAUSE of disease and we remove the cause of disease by returning to the species appropriate diet. The Terrain Model diet is well established and every book on the subject of the Terrain Model covers the species appropriate diet, which is fruits and tender leafy greens. Rather than getting upset about this, assuming you are correct, or telling people the proven model is wrong, why not see what the explanation is for why the things the industries that promote disease have taught you might not be correct?
If your comment gets removed by someone on the moderation team, instead of complaining about it, why not ask yourself, “what about my comment might not be in alignment with the principles of the Terrain Model?”. Then try searching the group for the answer, reading the pinned posts, learning why what you are recommending is known to be harmful interference of the bodies self cleaning and self healing processes by those who have studied the Terrain Model.
Please keep in mind that all of medicine, both allopathic and the “natural” modalities are all based on the foundation that the body is wrong for creating the symptoms it creates in an attempt to heal itself, clean itself or simply function in its toxic terrain and that the body must be poisoned back to health by use of drugs or herbs or other modalities to correct the bodies mistakes.
Terrain Model is based upon the foundation that the body in its infinite wisdom is not wrong when it attempts to clean itself or repair itself and that the symptoms are not wrong and do not require poisons to correct them, they require removal of cause.
All medical modalities seek to suppress the symptoms.
The Terrain Model seeks to REMOVE THE CAUSE, to remove the reason why the body needs to create the symptoms in the first place.
In the medical models the principle is to interfere when the body starts to clean itself. When a cold begins the medical model turns to cold medications, the natural medical models turn to herbs or homeopathic remedies to STOP the bodies self healing and self cleaning symptoms. They seek to solve the “problem” that was never a problem to begin with while ignoring the actual problem, the cause of the body creating the self healing symptoms.
In the Terrain Model the principle is to remove the cause and do nothing to interfere with the bodies cleaning processes. In all other models the principle is to interfere and stop the cleaning processes. This is why the Terrain Model works, because it does the opposite of the disease creating industries.
So rather then assuming that you know better, try approaching the material with a completely open mind and a completely blank slate. If you wish to truly understand the Terrain Model you have to forget everything you were taught by the disease creating industries and start with a new foundation. You cannot hold on to old beliefs, built out of the foundation of the germ, demon and evil spirit lies, and edit in some sprinkle of Terrain Model where it suits your needs. Terrain Model and Medicine models are antithetical, they are not in alignment, their foundations are opposites. All Medicines are based on this false foundation, even the “natural” medicines. The Terrain Model is a completely new foundation.
If these concepts are new or foreign to you then please take the time to read some of our recommended reading found here:…/recommended…/764366634437978/
Read the 14 part series on the Nature and Purpose of Disease here:…/430027810407566/post_tags/…
Use the Topics which can be found at the top of the page on Mobile and on the Right Sidebar on desktop. Use the search feature. Read the books in the files, especially the Life Science Course Full Version which is a searchable PDF of over 2000 pages of Terrain Model knowledge.
Ask questions rather than assuming you know the answers. In this way we can all grow and learn without draining the resources of the group.


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