December 19, 2022

Protein on fruitarian diet?


What do you say to people when they ask you “how do you get protein on a fruitarian diet?” and proceed to tell you that you need protein in your diet. Do we actually need to ingest any kind of protein at any time? Do we ever actually need to eat nuts? Why are nuts and/or seeds considered part of the species appropriate diet if they are so hard to digest and cause detox (or detox-like?) symptoms?


Terrain answer:

We do not absolutely need to consume nuts and seeds however most people who are long-term hygienists find that a well-rounded approach suits them better. This means eating mostly fruits and leafy greens in about a 50/50 ratio but also including small quantities of nuts, seeds, and tender vegetables for variety and diversity. TC Fry talks about in the life science course feeling his best when he ate dense food like nuts or seeds about 4 days a week. I personally find that in the summer I desire less dense foods and in the winter dense foods are more appealing.
Nuts and seeds do NOT cause detox symptoms. However, if our bodies are already in a more toxic state and we are eating a lot of watery fruits which are easy to digest and take little effort and then we eat something that takes more effort and longer to digest then we will experience a shift in our symptoms due to the shift in energy. Nuts and seeds temporarily block the expulsion of acids, so if we are eating them every day and in larger quantities AND we are already in a state of backup then we could experience more symptoms as the body is moving the old waste out less efficiently. This is more a symptom of a chronically backed-up system that is in a disease state than a normal functioning body. When our system is fully clean eating a small handful of nuts or seeds does not create symptoms.
One thing I see often that is concerning is people essentially getting high on fruits. We need a balance of nutrients and we absolutely can overdo it on sugar, even natural fruit sugar. When I see the “fruitarian” lifestyle or the Dr. Morse Grape feasts being pushed I always cringe a little. The occasional fruit feast is fine but greens are of the utmost importance to long-term health. The body needs sugar to run the cells, but if you are not running marathons you don’t needs tons of sugar. Savory fruits, tender vegetables, nuts, and seeds all provide vitamins, minerals, organic salts, and other essentials which are highly valuable. If we are consuming excess of anything we are overworking the body, which includes excess sugar, excess protein, and excess fat.
The biggest problem people tend to run into with nuts and seeds is in overconsuming them. We tend to do things like make raw desserts with cups of cashews instead of eating 5 or 6 whole cashews. We make salad dressings with 1/2 cup of blended nuts, instead of chewing the whole nuts one at a time. If we eat nuts whole in their natural form we generally fill up on them quickly and are satisfied after just a few nuts or seeds. This is even more evident if we are taking the time to open the shell. When we are eating them blended or processed or if we are eating them out of a bag pre-shelled it is much easier to eat large quantities. If we can keep this in mind and slow down our consumption we will find that we require far less of them.