February 24, 2021

Question on grains: Why is gluten worse than glut...


Question on grains:

Why is gluten worse than gluten free grains?

If one would chew properly would the amylase still not completely break down the starch in grains?


Terrain answer:

gluten is a sticky, dense binding agent – so I don’t believe chewing is the issue, I think the issue is much further down the GI tract in the stomach and small and large intestines


Group participants comments:

Grain Brain Grain Brain

Glyphosate damage. Gluten has little nutritional benefit and gets its name from glue. Two reasons not to eat it.

Gluten is a combination of two inflammatory proteins one of which creates leaky gut too.



The “gluten free craze” coincided with a new malpractice of chemically speeding up ripening of the non-organic / heavily hybridized wheat with Glyphosate just before harvest. And many people noticed that organic wheat was fine for them. https://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/real-reason-for-toxic-wheat-its-not-gluten/

Bread Beckers

The wheat germ is taken out because it makes the bread go rancid quickly but we need the whole part of the plant & fresh at that within 72 hrs of being milled wheat loses ALL nutrition so it’s best to buy your grain in bulk & buy a mill & you won’t have a problem with bread.

Glyphosate on the wheat.

Grain Damage – Doug Graham

Our body is only designed to eat what we can pick off a tree or bush. Anything else harms our gut. Read Doulgas Graham 80 10 10.

Gluten allergy is largely a result of commercial yeast. Instead of naturally fermented yeast (sourdough) which consumes the gluten, commercial yeast consumes added sugar and leaves the gluten mostly intact. Also, a lot of the digestive issues can be attributed to glyphosate toxicity. We went full on GF for about a year and most of the sensitivities my son and I had cleared up, we can eat gluten now with no issues.

The best way to decide is to become aware enough to allow your body to be the boss. Anyone who is serious about actually testing and experimenting with their diet will discover plainly enough that “grain damage” is exactly what happens… you will literally feel it in your stomach and intestines when you eat grains. If you don’t then your diet hasn’t been simplified enough yet to clearly alert you of this, let alone provide you basic health.

Put it this way: If you walk into a living room strewn with beer cans, bottles and garbage there’s no way you could see or find any particular object in question.

But if clean up all the mess and have nothing but a perfectly clean floor surface, say a white carpet, then you could spot an object as small as a single bottle cap immediately- you’d hardly have to look!

It’s not the gluten, it’s the glyphosate.


In addition to the gluten itself, grains go through a desication process before being harvested, which means they are sprayed with chemicals to dry out the plant for easier harvest/processing. Nasty. That’s why, when tested, there is evidence of Roundup in people’s urine.

In the original strains of wheat the gluten is digested, its the new strains that are much worse