December 19, 2022

Quickness of cold – detox


I had a cold yesterday. The symptoms were headache, mild fever, stuffy nose, some weakness, poor breathing and a lot of tearing (eye discharge).
I spent the entire day in bed. I only had water and a few fruits. I slept and slept again. By the tim I woke up the next day all the symptoms were gone.
My question is, if the detox symptoms go away a quickly as mine did (without any ‘medical or herbal’ intervention) does that mean that the body did not have much cleaning to do? The last time I was ill (last year) it lasted 2 weeks. This time around 2 days.


Terrain answer:

Honestly most people end up extending their symptoms with all the treatments they administer. Most people would probably have a very short cold detox if they simply did what you did, rest and fast, allowing the body all the energy it needs to clean out quickly without interference. But yes, generally the longer we are eating our natural diet the less crud we have to clean out, so the detox symptoms clear up much faster.


The last time I got a cold detox it lasted about 4 hours. It started right after I walked into the grocery store while they were disinfecting the shopping carts.