January 7, 2023

Quitting nicotine I’ve become angry and very depressed


Sorry if this isn’t aloud just looking for people’s opinions, on weather they may of experienced anything similar, besides changing my diet and life style, iv also been nicotine free for a year now but iv noticed ever since quitting nicotine iv become angry and very depressed, I thought a healthier life style, was supposed to support all this, maybe I have missed understood something, I understand smoking cestation, but it’s been a year now, I’d of though dopamine levels would of leveled put by now, has anyone any ideas in this or anyone els experience anything like this


Group participants comments:

I wonder if you have unresolved emotional trauma, etc that is now coming to the surface after numbing out with nicotine? We all use addictions to cope with negative stuff, and it could be that you need to actually look at the anger and depression and go into and understand what core thoughts and beliefs are there under the surface.

Cigarettes, alcohol, sugar and over exercising is all about medicating our emotions. Read Louise Hay “Heal Your Life as a starter to self healing these. All the best.

I think it could be that cigarettes were a vice for you to cover up certain emotions and now you’re not smoking you can feel them more intensely. I’ve recently quit smoking and I’ve realised how I was using it as a coping mechanism for emotions and also escape. Feeling sad have a cig, feel anxious have a cig, Feel happy have a cig. Any emotion I’d feel I would smoke but not realising what I was doing. Now I don’t smoke I can see it.

The more I take away from life like smoking food tv etc it makes me realise how we use all this stuff to suppress emotions.

It’s about finding healthier ways to cope with our emotions and let the energy out. Journaling nature movement or simply just being still and feeling them. Something I’m sure most of us we not taught.

I found growing up we were never taught how to deal with emotions, how to identify what emotions we are feeling and how it’s actually ok to feel them.

Anyway I hope this helps.


This happened to me when I quit smoking over 20 years ago, I had to learn to deal with my emotions instead of having a cig(it took years but I didn’t know about the Terrain Model and raw vegan diet then). It will get better, lots of fruit and salad, someone to talk and you’ll get there .

I view drug addictions as numbing behaviour. You used nicotine to numb the things you didn’t want to feel and now that you aren’t suppressing those anymore, they are there wanting your attention, wanting to be explored and processed. Do you meditate, do breathwork, yoga, etc? I find those things help me create enough presence with my body so I can listen to what my emotions are trying to tell me.

Detox. Emotions are all part of detox

I had a vape issue and I quit this way. Watch videos on what nicotine does to the body plus all the other things in smoking products. It helps adjust back to the thoughts of why u quit in the first place. Well wishes.

I quit 6 years ago. I was smoking for around 40 years and was vaping for 2 years. One day, I wanted to see how long I can go between vapes. On the third day, I was down to zero. I had no cravings, nothing. Even now, if somebody is smoking, it has no effect on me. It just smells funny.

I quit smoking for 13 months and then went back to it like I had never quit. It’s an awful addiction and extremely hard and frustrating to quit. During the time I had quit I was following people around Walmart smelling them if they smelt like cigarettes! It’s awful! I still smoke and would love to quit, however, I’m still trying to master this way of eating. . I feel like if I do, I just might be able to quit for good ❤ keep trying! I think it will all fall into place ❤