December 12, 2022

Rash all over body


Hi folks, I’m looking for advice. My 4 year old daughter has this rash all over her body. It’s mostly on her arms, legs, and bottom, but you can see bumps on her stomach and back; she even has a few spots on her face. I should also add that Friday night she experienced a fever and committing.
Now let me make this clear: my kids eat crap and I have no idea how to transition them to species appropriate eating (I still struggle so much). They used to eat fairly healthy, but then the grandparents got ahold of them and now things are so far from where I’d like them to be. With that said, I know this is a detox reaction my daughter is dealing with. However, I’m the only one that believes this. My wife is not sold on Terrain theory and species appropriate eating. She believes this is a fungal or bacterial infection and has reached out to the doctor for direction. I know this will likely lead to unnecessary prescriptions and a worsening of my daughter’s internal condition. With that said, how would you approach this? I’d love to fast her, but I know this will be met with resistance. Do any of you have any safe suggestions? Also looking for a way to get my kids moving in the right direction with their eating.
Thanks so much!


Terrain answer:

When dealing with resistant family members a more gradual approach is best. Talk to your daughter about the difference between unhealthy foods and healthy foods. Explain to her that she has a choice between feeling good and feeling bad. Children un … See more