December 30, 2022

Rashes elimination channels, why always the same?


I comprehend that all rashes are detox or overburdened elimination channels, but if the skin is being used as a 3rd kidney why does the rash always appear on the hands or lips or feet repeatedly? Is this malfunction or malnutrition as opposed to detox, do the kidneys not work?? Could this be worse on folks who used to be very active but suddenly are not anymore? Could it be the added burden of continuous fight or flight stress hormones causing toxic overload (but once again, why always the hands, feet, mouth)? Dental metals? And why aren’t the majority of the population experiencing this (though I would NEVER want them too), when so many folks eat diets far more terrible than I ever have? I’m trying to understand the reason for this persistent lymphatic type (symmetric) overload in the extremities & mouth from a terrain view as I do not believe in germ theory.


Terrain answer:

The body prefers to use exit points at the extremities rather than near the organs. The extremities are expendable while the organs are not. So it is a protective measure for the waste to be sent out the extremities when possible.
Rashes generally mean a person has higher vitality as they take more energy. This is why children tend to get rashes often, while adults get them rarely.
The kidneys are always working, if they stopped working we would be dead very quickly. But some people have kidneys that function less efficiently than others. Kidneys are controlled by the adrenals, so if we have lower adrenal function due to a high-stress life, using stimulants a lot like coffee or tea, lack of proper sleep, etc these will all drain down our adrenals and then the adrenals will not regulate the kidneys as efficiently.
The majority of people never supply their bodies with enough energy to clean and repair so all they experience is a continuous downhill trajectory. When someone eats meat and dairy it takes anywhere from 8 to 24 hours to move the meat out of the system, which means the person’s energy is drained continuously straight into the next day when they eat meat and dairy again. That leaves no energy for the body to clean and repair before they start the cycle all over again. So instead most people get progressively worsening disease symptoms until they are diagnosed with a major health crisis. At this point, their body might force flu symptoms or a severe condition that requires them to stop eating and rest for a while and the body can clean a little. Depending on how they respond to this will determine how long they survive. Many others simply die young of a heart attack or stroke.