December 7, 2022

Recently we’ve been working on...

Recently we’ve been working on ways to diversify our online presence. We have been metered, limited and censored on this platform. They’ve also been threatening to shut us down.
So we are now on Discord. If you’re unfamiliar, Discord is a platform that allows us to be in direct voice communication like a phone call. It also has chat rooms or direct messaging where we can talk about more sensitive issues without fear of being censored or having the group shut down.
We have also partnered with an educational nonprofit called Haven ( ) whose mission is to help promote optimal health through natural living. Haven is run by Sam Kovalyov and Fred Kovalyov . Like all of the Terrain Mods, they have many years of experience with terrain model/natural hygiene principles, as well as health and general coaching experience.
We are currently offering a free trial until the end of the year for anyone who would like to join our community. You don’t have to sign up or put in your credit card information, you can just join the server by following the link below. Starting in January 2022 anyone who enjoys the community can sign up for the small monthly subscription. All proceeds from the subscription go to the nonprofit organization, Haven for Humanity to help build an international network of accessible, holistic wellness education centers.
With the subscription you get access to a community which includes a diverse group of people who have been living the Terrain Model lifestyle for years and decades and a supportive community that can help save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on Healthcare costs, vitamins, veterinary care, etc. and be a support system in a world that is not always very supportive of creating pristine health.
To join simply click the link –
You will need to register for Discord with an email address. Once you have joined the Haven server, one of our moderators will promote you to our promotional offer. (This could take several minutes or several hours depending on the time of day.) You can access the server either through a web browser or by downloading the Discord application on desktop or app if you’re on mobile.
Using Discord is fairly intuitive but it can be a little confusing at first. The list of chat rooms (called channels) is on the left, and you simply click on the one you’d like to read or chat in. The voice channels are accessible in the same way.
If you have any questions about how to use Discord feel free to ask them here and we’ll address them to the best of our ability.
It’s been a pleasure building this community and interacting with all of you and we hope to see you on Discord as well! As always, we will continue to keep this group active and have no plans for discontinuing this group here, only to expand what we can offer to help more people.