January 6, 2023

Recommendations for getting rid of headaches coming from caffeine withdrawals?


Any natural remedy recommendations for getting rid of headaches coming from caffeine withdrawals? My partner gave up coffee…


Terrain answer:

Water and rest are best, but if the headaches are unbearable then he might want to try a little lower-caffeine tea or chocolate for a few days and then step down gradually.


Group participants comments:

I had the same issue. It was crazy. I water fasted and toughed it out. I used a old school hot water pack, that helped a lot.

water and rest

Water, water, water!! It’s an amazing flushing system, keeps you hydrated and relieves stress!! Do it as naturally as possible. I’m glad I did it!!

Taper down with a green tea

Just encourage him to do water fasting, lying on bed and sleep until he is ready for food (once ready start with fruits and slowly back to his normal diet if his diet is not terrain yet) the symptoms will be unbearable like chills, headaches, body aches and etc etc.. but as long as he keep resting with water when needed, the withdrawal symptoms will gone much faster! And can boil ginger water to keep the body warm

Rubbing peppermint essential oil on temples

Fruit juice. That’s what I did when I quit the toxin. I’m a skinny guy, so my body needs to be hydrated with nutrients (especially sugar from juice) so it can heal itself. Sugar supplies energy so I feel good and still be able to work. Have a good quality sleep comes second. Turn off all the wireless technology and abstain from looking at digital screen come third. Last but not least, I walk barefoot on the grassland and in the forest ground.

For women, please do not wear high heels, as our foots are neurally connected with our head. High heels cause headache of all types.

Turmeric works. If you font like the taste you can get it in capsules.

Rosemary tea


This always works for me

I just dealt with it till I didn’t have it anymore. That is a main factor why I won’t ever drink a cup of coffee again. The thought of starting and then having to go through that again to quit is a lesson learned for me

Have a teeny weeny coffee

Wean off of it. Don’t go cold turkey.

Nothing helped me the first few days. It was honestly like I was withdrawing from a hard drug. Cold sweats, vomiting, miagranes. This lasted 3 days. On the 2nd day I had to lie in bed because I had the worst miagrane I’ve ever had. Lot of water, and rest.

Enemas have been used to eliminate headaches / migraines.

It’s true Mary Rose Anderson

I had headaches for about 5 days when I quit caffeine. I don’t know of any ways to make them go away.

Liquid IV or go half caff for a couple days and then stop.