December 7, 2022

(Repost) Disease 101 – How we...

Disease 101 – How we create disease on a cellular level (and how we reverse it):
Our cells are designed to function in a specific chemistry which has been created over millions of years of eating the natural human diet, creating our anatomy and physiology.
When we stray from the natural human diet of fruits and tender greens we begin to change the internal chemistry of the body.
When we consume foods which are not well suited to our anatomy and physiology we are overworking the cellular metabolism.
As the cells work, they produce waste, everything in nature eats and poops, so do our cells.
So in a normal, healthy body the cells are working at normal efficiency in normal chemistry. The cellular poop is sent into the intracellular fluids, which is then transported through the lymphatic system (the bodies sewer system) out of the body and expelled via the primary or secondary elimination channels.
So when the body is in a state of health, this cellular waste is quickly cleared away from the cells and sent out of the body. If we encounter a stress or emotional trauma, these acids are quickly eliminate by the body. If we run from a lion and build up lactic acid, these acids are quickly eliminated as a normal part of the bodies functioning.
When we put in inappropriate foods we do 2 things which cause our health to suffer. The first is consuming cooked or dry foods which do not have adequate water for our physiology. When we consume these water deficient foods we dehydrate the body because the body must pull from its own cells to move the inappropriate foods through our digestive system.
We require roughly 80% water content simply for a food to make it through the digestive tract without pulling water out of our cells.
So, consuming inappropriate foods, cooked foods, dry foods, etc. dehydrates the body. This leads to a dehydrated lymph system. The lymph, again, being the sewer system, we need that flowing freely. But if a fluid becomes dehydrated it becomes sticky and slow moving.
So the natural state of the lymph in a healthy body could be seen as flowing like maple syrup. Thick but free flowing. But when we consume cooked foods that lymph starts to dry out. Moving into a peanut butter consistency, the lymph barely slides along, getting stuck in various parts of the body. The more dehydrated the body becomes the more slow moving the lymph. Eventually you end up with the dry crusty peanut butter stuck to the bottom of the jar that has been in the back of the pantry for 5 years.
So we are dehydrating the sewer and that means that the waste is getting backed up around the cells. The waste is predominately acids, so acids burn and damage the cells and make it harder for the cells to function normally. Instead of a normal cell, functioning in normal chemistry, we now have a damaged cell, functioning in abnormal chemistry, creating abnormal results called symptoms of disease. The cell is in a state of dis-ease, lack of ease and so is the body as a whole.
The second thing that causes our health to suffer when consuming inappropriate foods is we overwork the cells. Our natural foods are very low in protein, very low in fat. These proteins and fats are predominantly already broken down into usable amino acids and fatty acids which require little effort from the body.
Our natural foods are also very high in carbohydrates, fructose predominantly, which is in the correct form for our physiology because we have developed our anatomy and physiology on the natural diet for millions of years. Carbohydrates are the energy for every cell in the body. They are required in abundance to keep all the cells running properly.
When we eat inappropriate foods these foods tend to be much higher in proteins and fats and the proteins and fats are not broken into amino acids for the body. So we are forcing the body to do excess work to break down these proteins into amino acids. (This is why we often get tired right after we eat a meal of inappropriate foods.)
This excess work of the cellular metabolism leads to excess waste. Remember, everything eats and poops.
So, with our inappropriate foods we are creating more cellular waste (poop), while drying out the sewer system that is designed to flush the waste out of our bodies. So we have both more waste being created then we are physiologically designed for AND we have less waste going out because the elimination channels are slowed and in some cases so dry and backed up that they are completely blocked.
Now, we have more waste and less flow so our cells are sitting in waste, creating dysfunction, or abnormal functioning. So we start to see the beginning stages of dis-ease, lack of ease, with symptoms like irritability, irritation, itching, etc. The cells are uncomfortable sitting in their own waste.
Now in addition to these 2 issues we are also creating inefficiency in the cells processing. If you try to walk through knee deep mud you are going to be working much harder then if you were up on a dry sidewalk. Cells sitting in their own waste are walking through knee deep mud. They are using far more energy and creating far more waste because they are working in such an inefficient and inappropriate terrain.
So we have a slow moving sewer, less functional cells, more waste being created, creating more dysfunctional cells, which in turn create more waste and round and round you go, building layer by layer of dirty terrain, eventually forcing the cells to change their structure from a healthy normal cell to a bacteria, yeast, fungus and eventually into a Cancer cell if the dirty terrain situation is not remediated.
The body has ways of remediating all of this waste. The most common of which is the cold or flu symptoms which we are taught to fear and call disease. The body will create an expulsion event, which expels the waste via secondary channels, encased in mucus, so you get a runny or stuffy nose. Another common symptom of the body eliminating waste is skin rashes like Chicken Pox, Measles, Scarlet Fever, Foot in Mouth, Impetigo, etc. The body is pushing acids out through the skin and the skin is either inflammed/irritated by the acids creating redness and inflammation, or the skin is creating tiny ulcers like what is seen in chicken pox. The ulcer is a drain point for the acid wastes to exit.
When the body first becomes bogged down in waste it is in the state of Enervation. We might feel a little run down, tired. If we fast and rest at this first sign the body quickly catches up on its waste backlog and is able to return to normal functioning. But almost no one does this, so most people are in levels 2-4 of disease constantly. Level 3 is where we see the Colds and Flu symptoms, allergies, body odor. Level 4 is where we see inflammatory conditions and pain. Levels 4 & 5 are where we are entering destructive symptoms, where the wastes are causing damage to the cells. Level 6 is where the body is creating scar tissues to attempt to buffer the other cells from the wastes, leading into Cancer, the final stage of Disease.
We can reverse the course at any time by transitioning gradually back to the natural diet and returning the body back to its normal chemistry. Re-hydrating the body and the lymph with lots of fresh, ripe, juicy fruits. Alkalizing and hydrating with crisp, mineral rich tender greens. Levels 6 and 7 may not fully heal. If the scar tissue has gotten too thick the body may not be able to remove some of the scar tissue. This is seen sometimes in remodeling of the bones, where the body is not able to correct these issues. But otherwise the body will replace and repair all cells if we give the body the appropriate diet, plenty of rest, plenty of digestive rest and time.
Eat Fruit and Be Well My Friends!