July 27, 2022

Responses for an inguinal hernia? I never had any...


Responses for an inguinal hernia? I never had any issue or awareness of until feeling one “happpen” about 7-8 years ago. I was about 70-80 lbs overweight and trying to help my daughter shear her first sheep. Since I’d stopped trying on my own body for daily transportation and had gotten my first desk job ever my torso muffin-ized and started sagging. I assume all the latent six pack-ness I’d been creating had atrophied. Sure enough, my first move to start sheeting and “pop!”

It’s come and gone since. No way in hell am I going the surgery route. Thoughts, anecdotes, inspirations to keep it reversed and to tone this specific muscles again? Other than to move into town, ride a bike everywhere again, and eat fruitarian (which I was then due to expenses and schedule more than anything).



Terrain answer:

Alkaline minerals are what give the muscles, veins and arteries their strength and structure. When our bodies become more acidic those minerals are used up and pulled from the muscles in order to keep the blood alkaline. Over time if we keep eating more acid causing foods the body is not able to keep up with replacing those minerals and the tissues start to lose their strength. This is how we end up with everything from hernias to spider veins to aneurisms.

Return the body to an alkaline state and provide abundant alkaline minerals from lettuces and tender vegetables and the hernia will heal properly and never reoccur.