December 30, 2022

Role of gut bacteria?


What is the role of gut bacteria in our body?
How does it helps build immunity as many health books are saying this?
And what is the role of gut bacteria when we are sick?


Terrain answer:

Gut bacteria assist the body in digestion. They break down food into its constituent parts and then they carry those food particles through the permeable digestive tract into the body for use.
Bacteria do not build immunity because there is no such thing as immunity, one cannot become immune to poisoning. Having the right kind of bacteria in our digestive system is a result of eating the right foods. The wrong type is the result of the wrong foods. There are no bad bacteria, the bacteria just change to meet the needs of the foods that are going into the system.
Gut bacteria roles are the same whether we are ill or well but as I mentioned above, the state of our diet will impact the type of bacteria that is present in our system. So if we eat poorly we will have poor health and as a result of putting poor food into our system, we will have specific bacteria that reflect the conditions of our diet.