December 12, 2022

Rosalind Graham on grains


i just listened to an interview of Rosalind Graham on the fruitarian podcast. in the interview she states that grains under a microscope look like tiny shards of glass. I am wondering does rice look the same? do potatoes look the same. ie: like tiny shards of glass under a microscope?


Terrain answer:

I’m not sure, I’ve never seen either under a microscope, it would be interesting to see. The biggest problem with potatoes and rice though are their starch content. Potato starch and rice starch are both used in crafting as a glue. That same effect occurs inside our digestive tract when we eat potatoes and rice, we create a sticky gluey mess that moves very slowly through the digestive system and gets stuck inside the digestive tract, gluing itself and other substances along with it to the walls of the digestive tract. This leads to fermentation and putrefaction which poisons the body until the substances can be eliminated.