July 13, 2020

“Salt is not a nutrient—it is a drug that poison...

“Salt is not a nutrient—it is a drug that poisons the body!
Approximately 80% of our salt consumption comes from sodium chloride added to our food by manufacturers before it even reaches our table. Sodium chloride contains two elements, sodium and chlorine. There are many poisonous drugs that also contain sodium, such as sodium fluoroacetate (rat poison), sodium hydroxide (lye), and sodium hypochlorite (bleach). Fortunately, we are not in the habit of sprinkling our food with these poisons in order to provide our body with needed sodium.”

All ROCK SALTS are sodium Chloride, this includes sea salt and Himalayan salt. Read more in the document below. This document will be available in the files section for future reference.


Group participants comments:

Carolyn Rae Smith

And what ion instead of sodium works in the proton pump to create ? (Usually Na+/H+) its key in energy production and potassium regulation in thr body

So what do you season your food with ?

Kirraleigh Johnson this popped up and i remembered our chat the other day, thought you might find this interesting!

Interesting. I will have to do my own research on this to learn more.

There are 2 kinds of chemicals, inorganic and organic. The inorganic chemicals like chlorine, alum, and sodium fluoride cannot be healthfully utilized by the living tissues of the body. Our body chemistry is composed of 19 organic minerals, which must come from that which is living or has lived. Even though the soil contains 16 inorganic minerals, our bodies cannot absorb them efficiently enough to sustain life. Only a living plant can convert inorganic minerals into organic minerals. Only plants.

Chlorine, alum, calcium carbonate, magnesium, carbonate, potassium carbonate, and other inorganic minerals are put into our drinking water for cleanliness. The human body needs only hydrogen and oxygen as a natural solvent in the body chemistry.

“Joint Calcification
Bone spurs and calcified formations are insoluble deposits that get into tissues and moveable joints from consuming water loaded with inorganic minerals, salt, and uric acid, plus toxic crystals from an incorrect diet high in acid. Meat, potatoes, refined flower, white bread, coffee, tea, sugary desserts, starchy and fatty foods, and proteins are all high in acid content. Fruits and vegetables (with a few exceptions) are alkaline forming. A balanced diet is one that is about 3/5 alkaline and 2/5 acid.

Inorganic minerals, salt and toxic acid crystals can deform the toe and finger nails. They deform feet and make walking extremely painful, and are a hideous sight. Inorganic material is a major cause of poor posture. People whose feet are so loaded with inorganic calcification that they simply lift their feet up and put them down, no spring in their step. Many walk like ducks with toes pointing outward to the sides. Others are stooped and bent out of shape. Some walk with no knee action. You see those whose steps are unsteady because their joints are so cemented; while others are so out of balance that they sway from side to side as they hobble along. Heads are carried too far forward, throwing the body off its balance.

By the time people are 40, they are plagued with low back pain. When they bend over it is positive agony. The whole lower spine is cemented with inorganic calcification. By the time one is 40, he has worn out much of the cartilage that acts as a cushion to the spinal bones.

Because most humans are totally ignorant about what to put into their bodies, very few escape being one of the living dead. They drag themselves through life, relying on some kind of medication to keep them going. They need a “pep” pill to keep them going during the day and a sleeping pill to put them to sleep at night.

Even the most primitive people, living under the most natural conditions, suffered and died before their time because they drank inorganic mineralized water. For example, American Indians who lived a thousand years ago in Wisconsin had arthritis because they drank the Lake Michigan water, which is heavily saturated with inorganic minerals. Even the mummies of ancient Egypt, some 2500 years or more, show arthritis and other diseases due to drinking Nile River water. Every time a person turns on the water faucet and drinks water that has been chemicalized with chlorine, fluoride, and is saturated with calcium carbonate and other inorganic minerals, he is jeopardizing his health and life! The human body cannot utilize any inorganic mineral, whether it comes from a well, spring, river, lake or ocean.

Among the many manifestations of inorganic calcification are broken facial capillaries. You will often see the smallest blood vessels, slender as hairs, showing near the skin. When these tiny capillaries become encrusted, they expand in size and often rupture, making purplish or reddish blotches. Blocked by inorganic minerals and no longer able to handle the circulation of the blood.

Many people of all ages suffer with poor circulation. Some have cold hands, even on warm days. Many have cold feet. By age 60, most people have patches of small, blue, broken and expanded veins around their feet and ankles. Poor circulation is most noticeable in the hands and feet because the blood has farther to go from the heart to reach these extremities. When the veins become clogged, the blood trickles through, barely able to bring nourishment and warmth.

Many humans are plagued by head noises, ringing, buzzing sounds, and pounding in the ears. The blood vessels in the ears have become hardened and obstructed with inorganic mineral encrustation’s. In time, the blood vessels of the ears become so clogged that the person gradually goes deaf.

Inorganic minerals have a degenerating effect upon the eyes. When the capillaries are encrusted, glasses are prescribed. After a time, stronger glasses are necessary, and sometimes blindness occurs. You have 3 vicious enemies to the eyes: inorganic mineral water, toxic poisons from acid forming food, and uric acid from a diet too heavy in animal proteins.”

So how do you build up electrolytes then???? How can salt coming out of your own body as sweat be toxic???

Elyssa Garner

A salty diet does help those of us with Primary Adrenal Insufficiency ( or Primary Addison’s Disease) as we excrete too much sodium ‍♀

If you eat salt, doesn’t it digest and go out with your bowels, or does some of it?

Quote:”How can the body neutralize and remove the chloride ions from the ingested aqueous sodium chloride without having access to an industrial strength electrical current, as in electrolysis which also
releases poisonous chlorine gas? It can’t! And that explains why ingested sodium chloride is useless to the body as a nutrient.”

This is the claim on which the entire argument about the toxicity of salt rests. But where is the evidence for this claim. In other words, how does Ron Brown know, that the body is not able to “remove the chloride ions from the ingested aqueous sodium chloride” without an “industrial strength electrical current”?

Merely claiming something to be true or factual doesn’t make it true or factual.

This seems like poor advice. With 0 scientific merits.

I’ve heard someone say those Himalayan salt lamps are detrimental to our health as well, is this true?

I’ve been trying to understand this and learn more but I’m very confused about this article saying you can inject coconut water into your veins???? That would kill you.

Ive been on seasalt and himalaya but after i read this im confused

So this includes natural salt out of the ground?


The body needs minerals for optimal health.

This is true for processed table salt, but not unrefined sea salt. One will kill u slowly, one is good for the body.

Processed table salt has several chemicals added to it – anticaking chemicals for example , that prevent it from sticking together in clumps, and more chemicals.

But celtic salt, himalayan salt – they are good for the body.

Ive been eating real salt for 30 years and i am extremely healthy. I have no doctor, and havnt taken a pharmaceutical drug in 30 years either.

This sudden surge of ‘all salt is a poison’ seems like its coming from some kind of propaganda trying to sabotage the terrain theory.

Here is another persons comment:

“I’m new to this page but know that my body benefits from Celtic Salt & its abundant minerals! My friend gets rid of cold & flu bugs by drinking copious amounts of Himalayan Salt Drinks. Whrn I lived in Africa, the local women never left the beach without taking home bottles of Sea Water for the family to drink periodically! They had very good reasons for doing so!”

Paul Leendertse

Matthew Kaufman

Rebecca Kronillis

Deidre Ketchel

Linda Pudney Kennedy Hi, Linda! You had a good question in pending but figured it could be easily answered by reading this article about salt.

Sodium Bicarbonate is made from rocks. Rock minerals are indigestible to the body until plants have absorbed and broken them down into smaller, more digestible and usable forms. Drinking water with rocks ground into powder is not a solution to healing the body as rocks are just going to add to the existing burden within the body. The body already has to deal with so much going on such as dehydration, extreme amounts of mucus, fat, and a week’s worth of food stuck in the digestive tract, let alone trying to keep the organs and arteries as clean as it possibly can. The last thing the body wants to deal with is some rocks! It’s already got enough rocks (salt) that it has to dilute and detox ❤

Alicia Borta

So like when people say you gotta supplement if you distilled your water, they’re full of shit?

Can’t seem to open this document

We body need salt…

Would this apply to sodium bicarbonate as well?

Water is the real poison! (sarcasm)
What do you get when you mix 97% water with 3% salt???
The most abundant in life environment on earth, the ocean.

Contrast that with The Great Salt Lake or the Dead Sea at 23+% and 30+% respectively, they are the most sterile environments on earth except for a few brine shrimp on the edges.

As with all things in life it’s all about the BALANCE

If you have no salt in water, as in distilled water, you have a dead sterile environment that conducts no electricity, it is a pure solvent solution of hungry oxygen ready to devour anything it touches. It may be okay in the short term for cleanse, but long term with an anti-salt position is detrimental.
Hydrochloric acid is made from chloride. The body’s electrical system is a sodium/potassium pump, when either of these get out of balance, you get sick and if not corrected will die.

Nolan G. Taylor

Heather McNaughton

Adam James

Changing My salt intake has helped my transition in eating real food and diminished my cravings. I stopped eating meat this week because there’s no point in eating meat without salt on it .

Very interesting! Usually my diet consists of a lot of Celtic sea salt.. on food.. Even a pinch or two in my water with my magnesium. I’ve been doing it for years. It seemed like I am tighter and tighter in my flexibility.
This is so interesting to me.
I wonder if it affects sweating. I only sweat a few drops when I work out.been like like that for 20 years. My body is reading acidic(urine and blood). Hmmm

Its toxicity is in the quantity, but that’s true of anything

I totally agree that the stuff in the cardboard carton on the supermarket shelf is bad, BUT, if all salt were bad for us, then why do so many other animals instinctively need it? Are they addicted, too? And if so, why would the Creator do that to them? (I mean, why would He make them crave it?)

Loshini Naidoo

What about Fleur de Sel salts that are handpicked?

I was putting a pinch of pink salt in smoothies bc my sodium to potassium levels were way off, sodium very low and adding the salt seemed to help my symptoms a lot.

Our tongues are built to taste salt to only avoid it? I think this is broad brushing and seems too rigid in understanding, gaslighting any and all benefits of salt, especially salts with high concentrations of trace minerals. I struggle to think all salt use, regardless of the quality, quantity, or individual situation is all boogey man bad.

inorganic minerals are better than no minerals ..the body will take inorganic if organic are not available…its why juicing is so vaulable ,,,allows the body to absorb so much more minerals from our often depleted sources. Organic minerals were once or are still alive,(carbon bonded) and their electrons (like those in a human body) spin in a clockwise direction. The cells in an organic mineral can form ionic bonds with the body, and they can break down to assist in bodily functions, including tissue repair. An inorganic mineral is a material that has never been alive; it has not been bonded with carbon, and it could never bring life to a cell. In fact, the body will treat these materials or metals as if they are a toxin. An inorganic mineral is tightly wound, and it cannot break down easily to assist the body. The electrons in this material spin in a counterclockwise direction and this makes them fundamentally out of sync with a human body. obviously both organic and inorganics can be used as electrical conductors by the body when depleted. we need very small amount of inorganics compaired to organics to function,

sodium chloride in isolation maybe.