December 19, 2022

Scratched pretty badly on my finger


Looking for terrain advice-
I was bit and scratched pretty badly on my finger last night by my cat. All my friends and family keep telling me to go get antibiotics, get a tetanus shot, use hydrogen peroxide, or other treatments. They are starting to freak me out.
Thanks to this group, I better understand how the body reacts and self heals. However, I am a little nervous, and wanted to know if there is any chance of this animal bite evolving into something that would require I seek medical treatment. 
I have friends telling me if I get a fever, I need to go to the hospital. I know that a fever is the body’s way of healing. My fingertip is numb and tingly, but I think that’s because the nerves were damaged.  It’s also swollen at the knuckle. 
Obviously, I don’t want to lose my finger. But I also don’t want to be injected with a ton of harmaceuticals.
According to terrain theory, what could potentially happen from a deep cat bite, and at what point would it be dangerous?  This cat has not had any since 2007 and has not been exposed to feral cats.
I have read a lot of group material around germs and animal bites, but I didn’t find anything specific to cat bites. TIA


Terrain answer:

The primary issue with animal bites is the bacteria present in the animal’s mouth getting into our tissues. If the wound has bled outward then the bacteria and any debris on the teeth at the time of the bite would be pushed out with the blood.
The primary concern with cat bites is their teeth are so sharp, long, and thin that sometimes the wound will not bleed out, at which point it might need to be flushed out.
The wound needs to be able to drain also, so where people usually run into issues is that they immediately seal up the wound by putting on a tight bandage. Then the wound is not able to drain any pus or bacteria outside and must instead bring the material into the blood stream for elimination. So we always want to keep wounds uncovered and allow them to close naturally.
Another issue that people run into is putting ointments, peroxide or other treatments on the skin which forces the body to close the wound more rapidly then it would naturally. When we put anything on the skin the body has to close any openings to avoid that substance entering the body, so wounds that would normal drain outwards will instead close quickly and the waste material will be trapped inside.
Fever is the body healing itself, so if we go to the hospital when we have a fever the hospital will stop the fever, which is obviously in direct opposition to the bodies healing processes. Fever is no danger to the body, it is created by the body as the solution to being poisoned.