December 12, 2022

SEIZURES Just wanted to share...


Just wanted to share some of my experience with my own epilepsy and helping others with similar issues.
I was a yo-yo dieter, meaning I would will myself to eat extremely healthy (whole raw low-fat plant foods) for a period of time, only to rebel and binge on junk food until I was in pain, and binge some more.
This lasted for some time until I woke up a day or two after a binge with amnesia – I couldn’t remember who anyone was, or who I was for that matter. It all came back to me less than an hour later, but was one of the scariest experiences of my life. I attributed it to smoking too much pot and went on about my business.
A day or two after one of my next binge episodes, I had my first grand mal seizure. I went to the hospital and was informed by doctors that my diet could not possibly play a role in what I was experiencing and they recommended all sorts of medication which I refused because the cause of my condition was evident to me.
Needless to say, this was a wake up call. No more messing around with diet – I HAD to be strict. My motivation lasted for a while, but since I was relying on willpower which eventually runs out, I eventually snapped and binged again. What followed was another seizure.
This pattern continued for a year or two before I realized I needed to reevaluate my relationship with food, and try something new: letting go of absolute goals and exploring the role of emotions in my food choices. It took me 4 years of exploring, having a seizure after a binge every 3-4 months before I was finally able to shift my relationship with food, and I haven’t had a seizure since (Feb 13th, 2018).
I ate very well and would indulge on occasion, thoroughly enjoying the experience AND the unpleasant consequences, without the need to binge. Increasing my water intake, especially during and a few days after eating non-ideal foods played a huge role in my recovery as well, as dehydration due to poor food choices devestates the body’s sensitive tissues.
My relationship with food has continued to evolve and now I go through phases where indulge on occasion and where I do not for an extended period – because I want to and not because I’m forcing myself. Over the passed 2 weeks, I’ve eaten nothing but ideal monomeals without any effort directed at accomplishing any sort of goal, and I feel wonderful.
After my success, I helped a friend deal with similar issues. They were having seizures regularly from when they were a young child up until now, in their mid twenties. They had been all over the country to all kinds of specialists, including the world renowned Cleveland Clinic, where they poked and prodded them trying to figure what exactly was causing their seizures, but with no success. They’ve been on all types of medications, none of which seemed to help. They too, were told that diet could not possibly play a role.
So, we shifted their diet to more ideal foods and significantly increased their water intake. Presto, no more seizures and no more medications – that is until they snapped and binged. Now they too, are exploring their relationship with food so that they WANT to eat healthier and aren’t forcing themselves to, which is unsustainable.
If you’re looking for guidance on how to shift to and stick with a healthier lifestyle, we can help. Consider joining our virtual support group on the Discord platform with access to experienced hygienists, as well as others exploring a new way of life – a 2-week free trial is available.


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