January 2, 2023

Skin pigmentation, detox


A lady has a query regarding Pigmentation on cheeks whike on 40+ Days on 100% Fruits Diet.
Pigmentation is also a way to Remove Toxins from the Body.
Right ??
If Anyone here has experienced the same then can you tell how much approximate Time will it take to get back the clear skin


Terrain answer:

Changes in pigmentation are caused by irritation of the cells by the acids. This can occur while healing if the body is using the skin as an expulsion avenue. This can also occur if the person is not healing but their burden remains high.
When the pigmentation is red, this is inflammation/irritation of the cells. When the pigmentation is brown or white this is a malfunction of the cells which produce melanin. The brown is when they are overproducing due to malfunction, the white is when they are underproducing due to malfunction.
Either way the issue will self correct once the body has had enough time to clear out the waste.