December 19, 2022

So I am really trying to under...


So I am really trying to understand how viruses work. Bear with me. Can we infect each other with viruses if the sickness we experience comes from within us because we have a weak terrain. I have read that we can’t catch a virus like we are told when we learn about Germ theory. So if that is the case, our immune system, our terrain is weak and a virus that we all already have in our bodies expresses itself? Then how do so many people who get tested for viruses have the same virus if they are not contagious? Are the viruses already a part of our terrain? And what about “flu season” when more folks are more likely to get the flu and other illnesses?
What resources do you recommend to learn more about terrain theory, viruses and immunology?
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Terrain answer:

Viruses are just spent cellular debris. They are RNA and DNA fragments. Fragments of your own human cells. Since all humans are human we all have the same types of cells and therefore we create the same types of cell fragments when the cell is damaged by exposure to a toxin/poison or acid waste product.