December 7, 2022

So my child is jab free and no...


So my child is jab free and normally I don’t tell people. But my child has become friends with a neighbour and her mom is a vet tech and definitely not on the same page. No big deal, but now she tells me her daughter is immune compromised and spent the first 5 years of her life in bed with fevers ect.
I know my daughter isn’t a threat but I’m sure if she knew we were anti vax she’d freak out. So do I tell her and probably ruin their friendship or let it play out?


Terrain answer:

It’s absolutely no ones business but your own. A vet tech is not the person you want to be getting into a debate on the subject either. In the crazy world we live in, you do not want to put your childs life at risk by letting anyone who believes injecting poison into the body is safe know that your child has not been suitably injected with poison. These types of conversations with the wrong person is what ends up getting children taken away by the state and forcibly injected without your consent. Let her believe what she believes, smile and nod when she tries to teach you and quickly change the subject. Pick your battles.