December 7, 2022

Sometimes just a few simple wo...

Sometimes just a few simple words will illustrate more than pages and pages of writing. Sometimes those simple words stick in your head and rattle around knitting together all of the knowledge you have previously acquired into a deeper understanding. These 4 words did just that for me:
Here is the full context:
“ Symptoms are not problems, they are indications of problems. Like the warning light in your car, you wouldn’t want to just turn them off. I understand that symptoms are a bit more of a nuisance than a flashing light in your dashboard. The thing is, tho, they’re not only a signal that something is wrong, they are actually the fix. Yes, symptoms are the cure, amazingly. Symptoms are the body attempting to fix itself. So if we cooperate with them, they are short lived and temporary. If we try turning them off, on the other hand, they’ll only return, in one form or another. Turning symptoms off never ever removes cause, and it’s causes we need to be concerned with. ” -Nora Lenz
Stop turning off the symptoms of your bodies self cleaning mechanisms and you can begin to heal. Continue to suppress them with toxins and greater and greater dis-ease is your future.