December 12, 2022

Sorry,not sorry to say this bu...


Sorry,not sorry to say this but I am seeing a lot of posts asking ” what about THIS disease or THAT disease that i,or someone I love is “diagnosed” with? Can the “disease” that I have been “diagnosed with” be cured?
Or,a member will post asking what they can do to increase a very specific micronutrient in their body,i.e. iron magnesium,potassium
It is obvious to me that people are joining this group,then failing to pay attention to the fundamental pinned posts and source materials made available by the administrators.
I am growing weary of this.just as I am growing weary of numerous comments that recommend the Ingestion of substances that are inappropriate for human consumption.
When you join this group,you are expected to read the very basic materials.many of your questions will be answered in these materials.


Terrain answer:

I would love to be able to have deeper discussions if more people would take advantage of the resources available it would really free up my time to write more posts.