December 21, 2022

Stage 4 cancer – any stories of survival through diet change?


Stage 4 cancer… has metastasized everywhere… any stories of survival through diet change?
***Family member of mine with recent diagnosis***


Terrain answer:

People please keep comments in line with terrain model principles. First off, the OP is looking for success stories, not a list of poisons you heard on the internet worked. Second, anyone who has read the materials in the group already knows how cancer is reversed and it is certainly not from poisoning the already poisoned body with any number of drugs, natural cures, herbs, baking soda, or any other poisons. Please take the time to read the file on Cancer and Tumors here:


Amanda profits off a lot of poisons. Of course she recommends them. Rather than claiming that poisons can cure the sick body when they poison a healthy body why not take the time to learn the terrain model. Have you completed the learning guides? Have you read the file on Cancer? The file on Herbs? Have you learned what disease is? Clearly, you lack a foundation in the terrain model if you believe that people like Vollmer are helping people. Why not endeavor to learn how the body operates instead of just demanding that your opinions be allowed even though anyone who has studied and more importantly has lived the terrain model knows that what you are recommending is extremely harmful?