December 19, 2022

Staph infection


Has anyone dealt with a staph infection? My aunt has a staph and a bladder infection, from the terrain point of view, what is the root cause and did you really have time to deal with it holistically? Hospital wants to do surgery


Terrain answer:

Staph bacteria is always present in the body. When there is a large amount of waste or trauma that requires clean up and breakdown then the body will produce more of a specific bacteria to do the job of recycling which is required. When we see what the medical industry calls “infection” we know that the body has put the bacteria in place to clean as part of the recycling process. We know that the bacteria is a symptom of disease conditions and not a cause. We know that if we remove the cause of the disease conditions (cooked foods, meat, dairy, eggs, processed foods, high fat, high protein, toxins, soda, alcohol, etc) that the body will not have as much waste to clean out and the body will stop producing the bacteria in high levels and the levels will return back to normal.
I cannot speak to “holistically” because typically that term involves some level of poisoning the body, even though the term should mean whole body, it is still based in the idea of treating the whole body instead of removing cause.
Since the conditions are created by the body as part of the healing and repair process the person can certainly heal that condition by fasting and resting which allows the body to clean without interruption or interference. The only time an intervention might be necessary would be if a foreign object was present in the system that the body was trying to expel but could not, for example a surgical implantation. At that point it would be the foreign body that needs to be removed, not an essential part of the body like tissue, bone or organs.