December 19, 2022

Stench of meat, cheese, food


I cohabitate with family, 2 sad eaters. The stench of their daily meat, cheeses, sauces is exhausting for me. I take out the garbage almost every day due the stench. Am i inhaling their foods? Is my body detoxing their sad ways? One person drinks lots of wine which is a horrid smell. Smells like bar!


Terrain answer:

As the burden lifts on our system our sense of smell returns. Unfortunately, that means that the stench of meat, dairy, and eggs is nauseating. It’s truly a testament to how toxic these foods are that the people consuming them are so backed up that they cannot even tell how repulsive the smell is. Sadly for those of us not thoroughly poisoning our bodies, we get treated like we are insane when we point out how horrific the stench is.