December 19, 2022

Stomach issues, H pylori


Both my son and his girlfriend were having stomach issues and they both tested positive for h pylori with that breath test. I know nothing about that. Any information would be helpful


Terrain answer:

H pylori naturally exists inside our bodies at all times. When the tissues of the stomach become injured (often from ingesting spicy foods, herbs, alcohol or other substances which are injurious to the delicate tissues of the stomach lining this bacteria will proliferate in order to assist the body in the breakdown of the injured tissues and the expulsion of the cellular waste.
In the medical world they state that this body created reaction is a pathogenic bacteria that is out of balance and they usually treat the symptoms with the application of antibiotics to kill off the bacteria that was created by the body to help the body clean up the injured tissues.
The H pylori is a solution created by the body when the body has become injured. Remove the cause of the injury, the wrong foods being ingested that are damaging the tissues of the stomach and the body will naturally self correct once there is no longer a need for the bacteria to be present as part of the repair process.