December 12, 2022

Stress and stomach ulcer


I have been under much stress and feel like I may have a stomach ulcer. How can I help my body heal this without doctor medication? Reading about H. Pylori bacteria??? Anything I eat or drink causes irritation.


Terrain answer:

H. Pylori bacteria is created and controlled by the body to clean the toxic waste.
If we are eating and the body signals us with signs of discomfort like nausea or pain this is our signal to stop putting things into the body so the body can focus on healing.
If you are under stress the first thing you need to do is remove the cause. The cause of most stress is diet, as our body is being injured by the foods we eat our body is responding in the same way it would if you were being chased by a lion. Relationship stress, work stress or other stresses can contribute but often changing the diet alone is enough to allow our bodies to cope with external stress with calm and poise. Its only when our body is being injured from the inside out that we are not able to manage our stress levels and respond to them easily.