December 19, 2022

Symptoms, Cytokine storm


Following Dr Morse, natural hygiene and terrains theory and of course good ole germ theory, I am trying to interpret the traditional view of COVID vs it’s equivalent, simply detox symptoms. I got asked well, ok, COVID is setox symptims, then I was thinking about explaining rhe cytokine storm the traditional medicine pairs with COVID penumonia. So, would that just be more severe detox symptoms due to less vitality or lack of vitality or something different since it’s the cytokine storm that seems to create all the long inflammation certain people can’t overcome.
Just wondering what that piece or how it would be explained in the terms of these concepts in this group Lauren Whiteman … thanks


Terrain answer:

People have long term symptoms because they keep aggressively poisoning their bodies. They never remove the cause of their disease conditions so their body is never able to stop the symptoms it created to clean.
Cytokine storm is total nonsense. The level of toxicity plus the level of vitality in the body is what creates the level of symptoms. The pneumonia stems from eating and drugging the body that is trying to clean itself.