December 12, 2022

T.C. Fry Life Science Course L...

T.C. Fry Life Science Course LESSON 66 – Contagion, Epidemics
1.1 Dramatic Proof That Germs Do Not Cause Disease
“Reports in the Journal of Infectious Diseases , 1914. Vol. 14, pages 1 to 32, describe experiments by E. C. Rosenow, M.D., of the Mayo Biological Laboratories in Rochester, Minnesota. It was demonstrated that streptococci (pus germs) could be made to assume all the characteristics of pneumococci (pneumonia germs) simply by feeding them on pneumonia virus and making other minor alterations in their environment. When the procedure was reversed, they quickly reverted to pus germs. In all cases, regardless of the type of germs, they quickly mutated into other types when their environment and food were changed.
Two New York City bacteriologists, through similar experiments, converted cocci (round, berry-shaped) into bacilli (long, rod-shaped) and vice versa.
So it is obvious that specific bacteria do not produce specific disease symptoms—it is the environment and the type of soil which determines the type of bacteria that proliferate.”
Attached below is a copy of the 1914 experiments by Rosenow: