December 23, 2021

Tell me about gallstones . Can they be cured or is...


Tell me about gallstones . Can they be cured or is removal the only option after multiple attacks with a couple trips to ER ??


Terrain answer:

Yes, the body will self correct Gallstones when the cause is removed, the cause being consuming foods which are not appropriate for our physiology. Here are a few excerpts from the life science course on what causes gallstones to form and how the body remedies even large gallstones on its own without intervention if the conditions of disease are removed and the body is allowed to fast and heal:

“What causes gallstones to form? Are operations sometimes necessary? According to Dr. Shelton, imprudent eating and heavy eating of fatty foods by the enervated and toxemic, and a lack of exercise, are chief among the causes that produce gastrointestinal and biliary irritation leading to stone formation. They do not develop in healthy individuals, but in those who have broken down their health by years of wrong living. Nobody would ever have gallstones if he lived right. Referring to the gallbladder operation, Dr. Shelton says, “In my opinion there is no necessity to operate for gallstones. Normal nutrition is not restored by removing an effect of impaired nutrition. The great and growing army of postoperative invalids attests to the fact that operations on organs of the body do not restore health. Too many organs are removed that could be saved by the simple expediency of draining them by means of the fast. “Instead of surgically draining the gallbladder, a fast will enable the body to perform an excellent job of drainage and do it in a way to leave the gallbladder intact and unharmed.””

“The formation of gallstones and other stones is in itself an engineering feat that serves a useful purpose and even extends and saves life. In the lungs, for instance, in those who have tuberculosis, the affected spots are often the seat of the formation of stones. When this takes place, the disease in that part ends. Medical authorities consider that nature employs this means to wall up the tubercle bacilli. The formation of stones in the gallbladder and kidneys, just as in the lungs, is the end result of inflammation and undoubtedly serves a definite and useful purpose. Sometimes, it is true, they are made so large that they are the source of much trouble, but it is safe to assume that they are never made larger than the gravity of the situation demands. Most gallstones are small enough that they pass out without causing pain, and the individual is never aware that he or she has had them. A large number of people examined at autopsies are found to have gallstones in the gallbladder and were never aware that they had them. They never cause trouble until they go to pass out and only then if they are small enough to get into the gall duct but too large to make the entire passage. A stone that may easily travel through the common duct may be forced, with extreme difficulty, through the small opening of the duct into the intestine. This causes severe pain. As soon as the stone is forced through, the pain ceases. (The sufferer then thinks that it was the last treatment he employed that relieved the pain and “cured” his troubles.)”

“Another daring engineering feat is often accomplished by nature in the case of gallstones that are too large to pass through the bile duct directly into the small intestine. She frequently causes the gallbladder to adhere, by means of inflammation, to the wall of the intestine. An ulcer forms, making a hole through both the wall of the gallbladder and the wall of the intestine. The stone slips through into the intestine and passes out with the stools. The hole heals up and all is well again. In other cases the stone may be sent out through the abdominal wall and skin, on the outside of the body.”

“Prairie dogs have been used to study the effects of different types of fats and cholesterol in producing gallstones. On a high-fat diet, the prairie dogs seemed to develop gallstones easily. When they were placed on a diet that was low in fat and cholesterol, the gallstones dissolved. Gallstones in humans do not seem to be limited to high saturated fat content in the diet. Dr. R. A. L. Sturdement reported a significant increase in gallstones in men fed a diet that was rich in safflower oil. Dr. T. Osuga wrote that corn oil alone, without cholesterol in the diet, produced gallstones.”

“The inorganic minerals found in mineral water are deposited by the body in tissue structures and bones. Mineral deposits can lead to kidney stone and gallstone formation, hardening of the arteries, ossification of the brain, arthritis and heart disease. Inorganic minerals excreted through the skin can cause tissue degeneration.”


Group participants comments:

Gallbladder flush. You can find one online. The above statement maybe true in some, but is not definitive (I was healthy & hadn’t broken down my body by years of wrong eating. Certainly NOT lack of exercise & fatty foods!!!) I was in an England squad, training & eating incredibly healthy. I was immobile with one all of a sudden & very ill. Hospital couldn’t understand it, but said only option was to remove my gallbladder. I did a flush & haven’t looked back since!! Hospital didn’t know what to say. I can only assume mine was emotion related. Good luck.

Thank you