December 11, 2021

Terrain model geared treatment for strep throat/ t...


Terrain model geared treatment for strep throat/ tonsillitis?

Any ideas?


Terrain answer:

Strep throat/tonsillitis is a medical term for the symptoms created by the body when the body has encountered an injury or irritation to the throat, an excess of waste and the body has created bacteria (strep) or inflammation (any “itis”) as part of the healing and repair process.

We don’t want to “treat” the bodies own solution, that is medical advice. The medical industry is the only industry that can offer “treatments”.

In the terrain model we remove the cause of the injury and then understanding that the body has created the symptoms as part of the bodies efforts to clean and repair, we remove the cause and then let the body complete the cleaning and repair process. Ideally we would fast to allow the body to direct all energy internally and then the body would complete the cleaning process more rapidly and we would see a more rapid relief of the symptoms.


Group participants comments:

Jess Wolf can I ask how you ended up dealing with this? I think I’m in the same boat, and would love to hear how it worked out for you please

My son also needed surgery for glue ear until found out it was dairy from a wise naturopath. Your body just gets ill from wrong eating, chemicals and vaccines etc. Amazing what can be healed from eating 80 10 10 and organic where possible.