December 21, 2022

TERRAIN MODEL ON DMSO (Dimythelsulfoxide)

TERRAIN MODEL ON DMSO (Dimythelsulfoxide)
First, let’s familiarize ourselves with DMSO and its reported affects on the body.
DMSO is classified as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever drug which is marketed as a dietary supplement. It is also available by prescription as a pharmaceutical drug.
It has recently been promoted in natural health and alternative health communities as a supplement. Its purported uses include treatments for:
Painful Bladder Syndrome
Rheumatoid arthritis
Eye problems
Scleroderma (disease that causes scar tissue to form in the skin)
And an alternative Cancer Treatment
According to WebMD the most frequent side effects from using DMSO on the skin include:
Stomach upset
Skin irritation
A strong odor of garlic
Using DMSO by mouth can cause:
Decreased appetite
More serious side effects include:
Severe allergic reactions
Itching and burning when applied to the skin
DMSO can also be lethal to humans when used in high concentrations.
Now let’s look from a terrain perspective. Does this product trigger any expulsion symptoms in any humans?
Keep in mind that the more toxic our bodies become the less energy they have for expelling toxins. We look at humans as a whole; One individual may not get an expulsion symptom if their system lacks the vitality to expel toxins. However, if some humans are reporting these expulsion symptoms then we can know that the substance is toxic to humans.
Looking at the list of side effects we see nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and decreased appetite. These are all expulsion symptoms. Expulsion symptoms tell us that the human body sees DMSO as a threat. This is a strong indication DMSO is harmful to our health.
Another thing to consider from the Terrain model perspective: What is the supposed benefit of the medicine or treatment?
DMSO is being marketed as a treatment for headaches, irritated bladder, rashes, shingles, inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, eye problems, and scarring of tissues. Treatments are generally harmful to the body because the symptoms exist to promote the healing process; either to aid in the expulsion of toxic materials or in an attempt to create protections against them. This is why we refer to them as “expulsion symptoms” and are often part of a healing crisis.
The body also attempts to protect itself through the creation of inflammation, swelling, and the formation of scar tissues or tumors to encapsulate the toxic chemistry. When the body lacks the vitality to expel toxins, the body will use other methods to protect the cells from any toxic chemistry that it is unable to expel. This is most often accomplished by bringing water to the area to dilute the acidic chemistry but may also include the creation of scar tissues or tumors to encapsulate.
Therefore the symptoms DMSO claims to stop are in reality the body’s natural attempts to clean, heal and protect itself from waste which is generating the disease conditions. Not only does DMSO do nothing to remove the cause of the initial disease conditions, it actively interferes with the body’s attempts to remove the waste while also adding to the total toxic burden in the body. While DMSO may provide some short-term relief from a given symptom in some cases it is not a cure but a mild toxin. The body itself is in worse condition after DMSO has been ingested. DMSO would not be recommended if a return to health is the goal. As usual, from a Terrain Model perspective, we focus on supporting the body and its natural systems to remove the true cause of disease rather than the application of chemical bandaids and toxic remedies to suppress symptoms. One can never poison the body back to health.