December 12, 2022

Terrain refers to the internal...

Terrain refers to the internal conditions of the body.
Your individual cells swim in intracellular fluid. When the terrain is clean this fluid is clean and flows freely and the individual cells are able to function as they are designed.
When the Terrain is dirty this intracellular fluid is loaded down with cellular waste, it becomes stagnant and thick and unable to flow properly, meaning the cells are now sitting in their own waste and unable to function as designed.
Like the difference between a crystal clean river and a sewer pipe.
Our cells want and need to be in the crystal clear river for proper functioning, but when we eat foods that are inappropriate for our biology and physiology we create excess work for the cells metabolism, which in turn creates excess waste.
When we create excess waste the cells then aren’t able to function as effectively, which then leads to even more waste building up.
Eventually the Terrain becomes so dirty that we see symptoms of disease. dis-ease, lack of ease.
Health is the condition of the body at ease and Disease is a lack of ease.
A dirty terrain creates the lack of ease and the disease progresses the dirtier the Terrain becomes.
Health is restored by cleaning the Terrain by lifting the burden of the inappropriate foods and allowing the body to catch up on the overburden of waste.
What we call Diseases today are collections of symptoms of a dirty terrain attempting to remediate its uncomfortable, dysfunctional condition. When we return to the natural diet for our species we remove the CAUSE of the overwork, the CAUSE of the excess waste burden and then the body is able to return itself to a state of health.