December 19, 2022

Testimonials of people


One thing I feel that would be really good for this group are testimonials of people who have healed on a fruit diet. I hear about them in comments and the occasional post but a file dedicated to testimonials would be brilliant. Before and after pictures, what people have healed from, what they ate etc..
A lot of us need proof because of the constant brain-washing, proof from real life people would add immensely to this group and help many people make the decision to change their ways.
Forgive me if there already is one and I have missed it.


Terrain answer:

That would be nice to have. I would be happy to put it together if others are willing to share. If anyone wants to share their story or before and after pictures let me know and I will start a document and figure out how to best organize it. Perhaps individual stories can be put on my website and then we can create a document here that is a master list of all of them.