December 12, 2022

Testosterone production


My testosterone is low, and I get a supplement on prescription. ( very low-grade existence without it). I would like to break my (0nly) connection to the medical industry, so I am asking if there is a way to boost my own T production.


Terrain answer:

The body has complete control over hormones. When the terrain is clean then the body creates sufficient hormones for its needs. When the terrain is backed up with waste, the body cannot create sufficient hormones, or the body chooses not to develop hormones, based on its needs. The only way to return to normal production is to remove the cause of the impedance that led to the lack in the first place. Correct the diet and the body will return to complete and total health. The body cannot heal one disease condition while leaving another. All malfunction returns to normal function when the conditions of operation are returned to normal conditions. Lift the burden off the body, by eliminating the cooked foods, and the body will begin creating the needed hormones again.