December 12, 2022

The author Vivian Virginia vet...


The author Vivian Virginia vetrano was suggested to me, or rather her book, Errors in hygiene, TC fries devolution… I found other books of hers too. So.. are any of our experienced peeps here familiar with her work? I did find that book and its pricy, and obviously its not supportive of TC Fry, but seems it may pick his literature apart instead. In another book description it talked about the importance of adding protein to the diet.. I like to explore multiple views and im not sure if she has really good stuff or if it’s just bits and pieces.


Terrain answer:

To add to the above, analysis of TC Fry as some sort of benchmark to measure the requirements of health against is a poor choice. TC was shot in the head by his girlfriend and suffered a car accident, both of which are extreme experiences that do not reflect putting the conditions of health in place for the living organism. In addition to this TC Fry came to Hygiene late in life after serious health complications and like most humans was not perfect in his application of diet, struggled with cravings and addictions, overworked himself tirelessly promoting the diet which healed him from his chronic and degenerative disease conditions and had poor sleep habits, financial stress and poor relationships. In spite of all of that he healed all of his health conditions that he had prior to his return to the natural diet.