December 12, 2022

The Kibble diet?


The Kibble diet?
Ever since I heard Lauren talking about dogs being fed Kibble, for some reason, i have kept on thinking about it? I notice myself saying the word ‘Kibble’ from time to time?
While out on hikes in the parks of London, I keep seeing people walking their dogs, I now have visions that these are Kibble dogs, that are dehydrated and in various stages of sickness and disease?
The other day I saw a romantic couple, with their dogs, I had some sort of thought process, where I was perceiving that these people were called Mr & Mrs Kibble, with their pets with them, they were also called Kibble! It was quite amusing, until I started seeing everyone in the park as Mr Kibble, Miss Kibble, Little Kibble, Baby Kibble, all of them in various states dehydration, sickness and disease?
I was thinking that the standard diet, was the Kibble diet? Which was a better quality of Kibble than what the dogs had. But it was still Kibble, which everyone was addicted to, yet was very happy to consume?
I overheard some of the older Kibble people talking to each other about getting old…Talking about how good they used to feel, and life has now passed them by, and all they do now is try to ease the pain that they are in, and all they have to look forward to are their Kibble treats from the supermarket?
Over 7 years ago, i used to be Mr Kibble.
But, Fruit and lettuce with water fasting, and learning about Natural Hygiene has reversed all my issues, and I feel half my age! The results are astonishing!
But, being surrounded by a world full by Kibble people?
Kibble, Kibble, Kibble, everywhere I go! Help!
I make Fruit films, here are the Kakis!


Terrain answer:

This is my favorite post in a long time. I can definetly relate to looking around at all the kibble people. Kibble addicts as far as the eye can see.