December 19, 2022

The Truth about Fermented Food and Health


Some people believe that fermented foods are actually good for them! Fermented food can give the feeling that they are doing good because they’re all stimulants. ” Kombucha” contains the irritant teine (same as caffeine), kimchi has salt, kefir has milk or sugar, etc… they aggravate the body to eject/eliminate them and act as a laxative. Fermented foods are like a poison to us. They enervate the body at best. A truly detoxified and actually healthy person will find them very inflammatory and will feel their body rejecting them. Actually healthy people will experience worse digestion AND most vitally ASSIMILATION when they ingest fermented foods, apple cider vinnegar etc. Been there done that. I never parrot “health” bullshirt; I only share what I have actually gone through. I don’t trust SHIRT without thorough verification VIA my OWN experience. And my specially motivated countless clients in my own brick and mortar advanced food and fitness wellness center and thousands online.
Abso-FERMENTED- lutely! This is not theory it is fact. Anyone can prove it to themselves. Alas, few have the backbone (I am sad to say) to transition their existing wrong diet to the diet that our human machine is designed for. It takes time, effort and patience to allow the body to finally become the boss after a lifetime of wimpy brainwashing by the programmed mind. Sadly, only a small percentage will ever reach the literal nirvana of what it feels like to live in a body given the right fuel. Contrary to the parroted beliefs of the naysayers, once the PHYSICAL transition is complete (health restored to the vital cellular level not just some surface token “bowel cleanse” level), the person will enjoy their food more than they ever imagined. Of course, like I stated few will ever have the balls to get there.


Terrain answer:

Indeed, fermented foods create diarrhea as our bodies attempt to rush the rotten substances out of the body. We have a whole file here explaining how fermented foods harm:
In addition to them being a rotten food they are loaded with salt.