December 7, 2022

There were some very early wri...


There were some very early writings about the topic surrounding Natural Hygiene. In my late teenage years my mother gave me a book to read about the Hunza people of the Himalayas. This began my search for lifestyles of people who lived in health to an age of 90 or more years. I came across the writings of a Venetian, Luigi Cornaro, (1464-1566). His works intrigued me, particularly when I realised that most of what he wrote was in his later years. Then and now I enjoy rereading his works. The following ‘Discourse on the Sober Life’ is available from Soil and Health Library. I’m sure some of you will enjoy the read and learn something of benefit. Whether you take note of his advice is up to you or do as I did and pass it over till a serious health issue in later life caused me to revisit.


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