December 7, 2022

This transitioning from acid t...


This transitioning from acid to alkaline is harder than giving up nicotine…. Its really opened my eyes as to how adictive bad food is.
I’ve been drinking lemon chia water all week, (had the odd cup of coffee made with oat milk) eating raw nearly every meal (cooked food has been vegetarian or vegan) eating so much fruit and veg it’s unreal lol
First couple of days I felt great and full of energy…. The past 3 days I have no energy, I’m sleeping way more than normal even in the day which I never do.
Also (sorry for any crudeness)…. When I go to the toilet for a poo it’s a totally different experience…. Its so much easier but its very light in colour…. I’m assuming Is this correct
Just sharing my experience as everyone I know thinks I’m crazy for doing this


Terrain answer:

Yes, when we stop artificially stimulating the body the body can actually take the time to rest and heal. So we feel tired for a little while and if we listen to that and actually go and rest our bodies will clean and heal much faster.