December 12, 2022

This would be a very interesti...


This would be a very interesting history to study up on!
There are virtually no studies on fruitarianism and fruitarians. When I was looking into it a bit a few months ago I found a few studies from Britain done in the first half of the 20th century. The “fruitarians” they studied also drank milk and ate eggs, so they clearly weren’t true fruitarians. Nevertheless, those studies did report positive comparative health results.
Maybe some day we’ll see something akin to the China Study performed on fruitarians, though of course such a study would be merely icing on the (fruit) cake (sorry – couldn’t resist! given that its main purpose would be to present the reasonably discernable facts to the attention of those who still require studies to be convinced of what should otherwise be fairly obvious.
On the issue of certain Natural Hygienists dying at young ages, this blog post on TC Fry’s lifestyle and habits goes into great detail –…/why-did-t-c…


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It’s extremely rare that someone submits a video to this group that I can watch all the way through and want to approve. Excellent post.