January 2, 2023

Thoughts or info on Schuessler Cell Salts?


Thoughts or info on Schuessler Cell Salts?


Terrain answer:

Schuessler Cell Salts are a toxic substance based on a partially correct idea. Our bodies contain and require various organic salts like sodium and potassium. We get these salts in their organic form from fruits and vegetables. The supplements are inorganic. Inorganic is the rock form of minerals, while organic is the form that has been converted by a plant. A plant pulls rocks out of the ground and convert the minerals from inorganic to organic, then we eat the plants and get the usable minerals.
The supplements are in rock form and therefore unusable by our bodies, but even worse, it is hard for our bodies to expel inorganic minerals, so they get deposited into our tissues instead of being removed, so overtime they cause a hardening or scarring of tissues as they are deposited around the body, which is why people get stiffer as they get older.
We need cell salts but we need them in the form that only fruits and vegetables can provide them. Selling people rocks in a bottle is a great way to make money, but all it does is injure the body.