December 19, 2022

Thursday woke up with a sore throat


Feel absolutely horrible. Thursday woke up with a sore throat, though felt fine, played with kids outside. Thursday night head hurt & had some body pain/slept. Friday, water fasted, stayed in bed/slept. Sat. started with terrible body pains (the kind that wake you up and scream in pain). I did eat some fruit and sweet pot/my GI system did not like that. Today, the body pains continue, just drinking water, laying in bed. I understand my body is detoxing. I start a new position tomorrow, followed by an interview. I do not want “sickness” to be my first impression. Any tips/tricks to feeling better. Also, scared to eat anything but worried I will be too weak and or start detoxing from no food. I do not follow a raw diet, though trying to get better. Any advise would be appreciated


Terrain answer:

The fastest way through an active detox is to water fast and sleep. Once things get moving we cannot stop them without causing harm to the body, but by giving the body as much rest as possible, both digestive rest and physical rest, the body can utilize all energy to complete cleaning as quickly as possible.


Breastfeeding women often encounter nausea in which case their body is asking them to fast for a short period, we should always obey the bodies wishes, so if the body is in a fever or experiencing nausea then the breastfeeding mother should obey the body and fast. But a breastfeeding mother should not seek to undergo an extended fast while breastfeeding as they need the calories to keep producing milk. A short fast will not interfere with milk production but a long fast could. Always listen to the bodies requests first. IF the body turns off appetite then obey that, but don’t force a fast.


The body is always detoxing, 24/7/365. IF the kidneys are not filtering the body will use other elimination channels. The bowels, lungs, eyes, nose, ears, skin are all used for elimination.
Distilled water is what is recommended for consumption for any water needs over and above that being supplied by fruits in our diet.